Organic Virgin Beeswax

Just few decades before all the buzz of Cryptocyrrencies , Facebook and Instagrams algorhytms a barfull of beeswax was a typical household essential! Organic Virgin Beeswax is the purest beeswax you can find. Bees use it to cover the honey in their cells. After peeling the wax  we melt it and heat into 135degrees and pour into small bars.

Do not let your imagination block you! Beeswax can be used in so many ways! Use your old clean sheets with it and transform them into trendy beeswraps! Do some DIY cosmetics, make some candles! Feel the power of DIY!

Pairing: Wood, cleansheets, leather, surfboard as a basewax. Use your imagination.
Taste: Yes you can eat it. Tastes better than expected.

100grams of 100% organic virgin beeswax from Isokyrö.


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