ANTI INTIMACY ESSENTIALS (250g of Garlic from Isokyrö)

Blooming Fire Village hides many secrets within. And one of those secrets have passed on generation from another.

Legend tells that the Garlic Field of Blooming Firevillage have saved us – villagers – from vampire attacks. And other legend tells that if there weren’t those fields, we Isokyrö Originals would have more luck in the ❤️. Naturally the vampire thing is a hoax – there are no such things around.

The rich soil, generations of agricultural skills & harsh growing conditions make these garlics strong, powerful and they pack some serious POWER! (Many have claimed these to be the best tasting out there).

These garlics are Farmed and taken care by our very own, loved, respected and honoured CEO – Big Daddie – Jussi P. Who is a great inspiration for rest of us Daddies, he has told that if we eat raw garlic every morning, one day we will be as strong as he is.

*The bag contains 250g of hand picked and dryed garlics, from Isokyrö with love. 
*Each bag sold supports our cause of acquiring more pollinators.
*Eating these will help you keep social distance by natural ways.
*May prevent Vampire attacks.



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