Bee Pollen From Forest 110g

Bee pollen is the worlds most nutritious food and is rich in protein!  (20-40% in total!)
Pollen alone possesses all the nutrients, vitamins, aminoacids, enzymes for the human body to live long and prosper. This jar has been collected from flowers of Creepriver Wilderness and it contains the true superpowers of the forest! Forest Pollen is full of antioxidants, and therefore it eases the inflammations and guarantees You a eternal youth!
BZZT! Last one was a hoax and marketing trick.
Check your doctor that you are up to this.
Take 1/4-1 tsp a day and sting like a bee – float like a butterfly!
#beefact to gather a single teaspoon of pollen it would take one bee a whopping month.
Contains: 110g Organic Bee Pollen from a Forest.

Not all freeze drying is the same. Luckily we heard about a Finnish Company called Nature Lyotech – which is a pioneer on its field. They have developed a world.. UNIVERSUM leading way on how to Freeze Dry all sort of things , their method is called NatyreDry!

Independent study by Aalto University has confirmed the NatureDry© retains an average of over 97% of nutrientsNatureDry© qualifies as raw food, even the seeds inside the berries actually seed and grow into full plants after they’ve been NatureDried and rehydrated. Dont believe the hype? Read more about their awesome technology:

So, we can safely say that eating these equals if you were eating pollen straight out of flowers.


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