Freeze-dried blueberries

39 grams of Extreme Freeze dried blueberries

Didn’t dare to stop by at the notorious Creepriver Wilderness when the blueberry season was on its peak? Worry no more! Just say ”Thanks bees for doing the pollinating job so now I can Taste the RAW power of nature and FEEL the goodiness that it does for me! ” And then we are like ” Thanks mr/ms/robot for supporting us and the things we do to make the world a little bit sweeter! And then the whole ecosystem is like ”Thanks to both of you for getting some bees in here so now it is like much buzzier all the time and everything is much sweeter, healthier and flowers are like blooming and so on!! It is a WIN WIN situation when you end up adding a jarfull of Extreme Freeze Dryed Blueberries in your basket! We are more certain it is a more WIN for you! So go ahead skip that legday and TASTE THE RAW POWER OF NATURE!

A jarfull of extreme Freeze Dryed Blueberries provides you with loads of antioxidants and fibers that do nothing but good for your belly and sore eyes! A teaspoonful is all you need to add in your daily diet!

What is Extreme Freeze Drying anyway?  How the heck these berries taste so good? Will there be blueberry bushes growing in my belly?
Well, not all freeze drying is the same and luckily we heard about a Finnish Company called Nature Lyotech – which is a pioneer on its field. They have developed a world.. UNIVERSUM leading way on how to Freeze Dry all sort of things it is called NatyreDry! And no, we havent noticed blueberry bushes in our organs, but we will let you know if it is possible.

Independent study by Aalto University has confirmed the NatureDry© retains an average of over 97% of nutrientsNatureDry© qualifies as raw food, even the seeds inside the berries actually seed and grow into full plants after they’ve been NatureDried and rehydrated. Dont believe the hype? Read more about their awesome technology:

Once upon a time on a blurry and rainy weekend in mid august, four Daddies and few of their offsprings hurried their way to pick some blueberries in to Creepriver Wilderness. After surviving wrestlings with Notorious HoneyBears and Daddy eating mosquitoes they made their way into Southern Finland. There they found a magical castle and beautiful princess who transformed their heavy baskets of blueberries into Extreme Freeze Dryed versions! ”

39 Grams of hand picked Extreme Dryed Blueberries from Creepriver Wilderness.

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Taste: Better than fresh blueberries as your brains think these must be candies as they are a little crunchy but so freakingly chewy. Think you can describe the taste better? Throw us a definion: and You are hired!


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Freeze-dried blueberries

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