Gang Buzz x Kimppa Pesä 2021

Is the way to get more pollinators to do their magic and also getting some Organic Raw Honey at the end of summer 2021! Now YOU can be a part of establishing new apiary into Isokyrö and more spesificly into the  legendary village Bonfire Boreal Forest!

By purchasing a Kimppapesä x Gangbuzz you will ensure that there are plenty of pollinators around making the world a sweeter and buzzier place. You will receive 6 jars of delicious Raw Organic Honey at the end of the summer from this unique apiary once the bees have made their magic – this 🍯comes from the beehive You made possible.

During the year 2021 we will update you through Social Media/email that how it Is buzzing at the hives, so you can enjoy your year restfully knowing that the universum keeps on blooming and berries will become tastier  – thanks to YOU.

Establishing: Mid August – Early June
June: Bees doing their magic and Saving The Nature.
End Of July / August: Depending on the Mother Earth’s will we will collect portion of 🍯and ship the Nectar of Gods!
August: We have got you hooked & Bees have plenty of time do continue making the Universum more blooming kind of place.
September: Bees decide men are -no good- and they force them out of the hives.

2021 Gangbuzz X Kimppapesä location:
Bonfire Boreal Forest – A place best known from its vast forests and pure water. Rumours tell that even the worlds finest Whisky and GIN get their H2O from this spesific spring. As well as numerous people whos tap water runs from here. Its pure & awarded! Could you wish more from your nectar of life? Thanks to its plentiful water reserves it is home for amazingly rich bloomingness of  Lingonberries!

Bonfire Boreal Forest is the purest essence in a jar.

After the order you will receive a diploma stating your purchase. If you want a physical version give us a shout and we will send it through mail.

We will contact you again at the end of the summer and make sure the shipping address is the same as given now.