In Sugar Daddies Honey Company we truly know what the buzz is all about – Honey is one of the most complex natural foods out there. It contains wide variety of nutrients that do nothing but good. Bees are the most studied living beings on the planet – after humans – and yet we know so little about them. New studies are appearing all the time revealing information about the medicinal properties of honey. It is our duty to pass this knowledge on and change the way we enjoy Honey. 
Raw Honey makes an excellent corporate gift sweetening up your business relationships. And thanks to its anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving properties it makes you sleep better and therefore might fit into your company strategy better than expected. Got an idea? Throw us a mail!
This is what Finnish company FIRSTBEAT experienced first hand:
“Honey has several wellbeing-boosting qualities and, at Firstbeat, that is what we’re all about. We’re committed to helping every individual reach their health and performance potential with science-backed confidence. We transform heartbeat data into personalized information on exercise, stress, and recovery to provide cutting-edge physiological analytics.”
Worried about global impact of the declining bee population? Booming – a marketing company – added a beehive under their payroll and came for a visit to Isokyrö. During their stay they were able to learn what the world’s most important living being actually does. Thanks to them we – Sugar Daddies Honey Company – were able to expand our sweet business and make the world a more blooming place. And the Booming folks got loads of sweet honey to be shared as business gifts and lasting memories and experiences.
Sugar Daddies Honey Company loves sweet collaborations – especially if we can spread the word of honey by doing so.
Have an idea? Throw us a mail!
Klaus K Design Hotel – Design Lingonberry Honey
Ditch the artificialness! Raw honey is the real deal and it can’t be copied. Klaus K – a Finnish Design Hotel – has exclusive Forest Honey jars of sweetness in their shelves for sale. What could possibly be a sweeter gift idea when visiting the world’s purest country than the power of  forest? Forest honey has stronger taste and higher antioxidant value than other honeys, especially these jars as the prime nectar source is lingonberries! The etiquette is hand-drawn and presents a honey bear feasting on berries. 
Gymnastic Organization – A Gymnastic Honey jar supporting their voluntary organization
Raw honey is exceptionally rich in pollen that contains over 250 active substances! This makes Raw honey an excellent superfood for athletes to be enjoyed in their daily diet. And what could be sweeter than to ally with the Youth? We are working together with several gymnastics organizations and we provide them with Raw Honey – that they sell to support their voluntary organizations.