Raw Honey

We are on a mission of saving the little ones and while at it our bees are making one of the finest Naked RAW honeys. 

Our bees live in the wild in their wooden homes which are well insulated to protect them from the harsh Nordic winters that we have.  We are more than proud to let you know that majority of the materials and insulations are scavenged and upcycled. All of the homes are built personally by Daddies.

NO blending

NO stirring

NO filtering

NO heating 

Naked Raw Honey is closest you can get to enjoying Honey straight from the combs.

Naked Raw Honey is unique, it varies depending on floral sources, seasonal changes and the mood of the bees. Just the largest of impurities are manually removed and all the rest will do you good: Daddies and our bees guarantee that Naked Honey is full of pollen & flavor.

It’s what you can see, feel and taste also in the honey. It’s the purest Finnish nature in a jar.

We don’t blend our honey, therefore each jar has its own flavor, texture and color – depending on the year and the origin location. We are stoked to say that each jar can be individually tracked to their origin.

We are more than proud of letting you know that we run intensively tests about the honey, to ensure the richest of flavours and nutrients. As farmers & foresters we are looking after the soil and plants, to make sure they both are healthy.

All of this is made with love and respect for mother earth. So, go get Naked Honey.


Secret Garden

This paradise of bees is filled with love and happiness. On summer time the garden is so flourished with raspberries and wild roses that on cold winter nights when you look up to the skies you can see the echo of this vivid spectacle. In Secret Garden there are no such things as forbidden fruits. Enjoy your honey as you please.

Secret Garden is the purest sin in a jar.

Blooming Firevillage

In the middle of the most beautiful KYRÖ is the small village called Firevillage, legend says the name comes from its rich soil making all the flowers and crops bloom so bright that the God itself thought that the village is in fire and created the river of Kyrö next to it so the fire wouldn’t spread. Or then it was named after the local pyromaniac that burned the village. Anyway, here grows a large variety of honey flowers, buckwheat, apple trees and canola, all of them sowed in different times ensuring a steady and good honey flow during difficult years.

Blooming Firevillage is the purest Finnish countryside in a jar.


Our top secret test center for creating the combination of tastes never combined before, large selection of honey flowers, fiberhemp, watermelons and other agricultural gems that will be kept in secret. Enjoy at your own risk. And hippies STOP trespassing the field, it is fiber hemp which is growing there, you look silly trying to smoke it in the bushes. Next time we will call your mama.

Mouldbackwoods is the purest Finnish agricultural madness in a jar!

Creepriver Wilderness

Which is far away from civilization in the middle of nowhere. Only visitors to the hives are the “honeybears” which are kept off with fences. Creepriver offers plenty of blue- , lingon- and raspberries. Creepriver Wilderness is the purest Finnish forest in a jar.

Mysterious Jaurinswamp

A large isolated – hard to reach swamp offers a playful place for the bees. Endless bushes of wild rosemarys, cloudberries and huge variety of flowers which we don’t recognize guarantees a flavor thats unique for sure.

This is a treat that not many can get their hands on. Mysterious Jaurinswamp is the purest Finnish swamp in a jar.