Save The Bees

Did you know that by employing the bees we save the bees? And by saving the bees we save the nature. And by saving the nature we save the world. So eat the nature save the nature, my friend!

As daddies, farmers and foresters we now see and understand the value of bees and pollinators in our everyday lives. Working in our fields and forests we are experiencing the mass extinction of bees at first hand. Therefore we are now preserving different natural ecosystems around the small village of Isokyrö specially with the bees and pollinators in mind. These large areas will benefit the whole biodiversity surrounding us.

The lands and forests are our legacy for future generations so we need to act now.


is our way of educating the farmers around us. By showing the power of pollination and explaining why and how the pollinators should be taken into account in farming we can save the bees and let our surroundings flourish!


How about purchasing a beehive for Your company? Get 50 000+ world-saving bees by doing so. You can choose from various locations and we will organize a visit for you to come and experience what the buzz is all about. In addition to a memorable day +10kg of Raw Honey will also be bottled for you into jars with Your logo on them. Part of the Buzz will go to our Sugar Daddies Foundation.


is our platform of giving something back for the little ones. Each year we collaborate with various companies and organizations in order to save the little ones.