Terms & Conditions

All shipments to Finland will be shipped via Posti, normally within a week – depending on the floral situation and the mood of the bees.
Shipping fees:
Shipping fees vary depending on the country. If you are in need of larger amount of sweetness, contact us directly and we will do our best to source the best shipping method available.
Customer returns:
If the package you received doesn’t bring you sweetness we recommend opening the lid and enjoying it just few spoonfuls more. Still disappointed? Or was the goods damaged? Contact us directly and let’s see what we can do. Our beegirls are strict about returns and unless a good reason, they don’t accept them.
Sugar Daddies Honey Company webshop register:
Sugar Daddies CO Oy
Sirppipolku 1
61500 Isokyrö
Business ID: 2871706-2
Sources of collected data / Regular disclosure of data / Cookies:
We don’t track you. We might use cookies to make the user interference more friendly though. We don’t collect any registers whatsoever, and if in some case we do – we handle the information with care and confidentiality. Our bees are really confused about the whole GDPR situation after all. If you have ANY questions or requests please contact us at daddies@sugardaddiesco.com