Our Story

This sweet and sticky story of ours began while surfing the ice cold swells of Western Finland:

One evening while paddling through the waves we started thinking where to get surf wax that would stick like no other and be as ecological as possible at the same time. After the surf while enjoying hot tea with honey the idea stung us like a swarm of bees. Bees! These little creatures would be the ones solving our problem and making our lives sweeter at the same time – literally.

That – in short – is how the idea of Arctic Surf Wax and the Sugar Daddies Honey Company was born.

While doing our research a quote claimed to be said by Albert Einstein inspired us to take further action: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years to live.” Whether this is true or not we can’t argue with the fact that if the bees keep dying our lives won’t stay the same. It was time to fight for the little ones.

So, here we are. Four daddies presenting you one of the finest organic raw honeys the nature has ever produced.

We believe that with some love and dedication there will still be sweet berries and blooming fields for future generations.

The Daddies

Ville Rinta

I am a passionate surfer, farmer, father, forester and a life-lover.

The reason I ended up beekeeping was that I wanted to ensure the flowers and fields won’t stop blooming. From all the sweet berries the nature has to offer blueberry is me and my daughter’s favorite. Did you know that pollinators ensure the forests are full of berries?

Now, thanks to the bees, we actually have more blueberries in the woods and sweet & pure Raw Honey in our jars – which in fact has a hint of blueberry in it!


Juho Wiberg

One night I received a voice message: ”Would you like to work with millions of females?”

I was sold. Got some explaining to do at home but after we decided who’s the real queen bee I got a green light. Even though I live mainly under the warm comfort of the city lights of Helsinki I still love the Finnish nature and its flavors. I’m passionate about adventuring and spending nights in the wild under the stars in fresh air. That’s why Ostrobothnia has quickly become one of my favorite places to spend time in the summer and I’m lucky my fellow daddies happen to live there.


Jussi Peltoniemi


I am a farmer with a calling that has passed from one generation to another – I don’t take it lightly. Being a farmer means a lot to me. In addition to providing food for my family and for the fellow Finns it also means taking care of the surrounding forests and fields ensuring there is biodiversity in everything.

For too long we have been blind to see what really matters. The loss of pollinators in our fields really opened my eyes and for that I can now say I’m proud to be a Sugar Daddy – one of the warriors ensuring there will be more pollinators around and healthy Raw Honey to be enjoyed for generations to come.