SUpeRFood Honey! Inspired by Arctic Surfers.

Superfood Honey is the wildcard in our sleeves! It is a mixture of awesomeness and true power of the Bees!

 SUpeRFood Honey is inspired by Arctic Surfers, who end up chasing the perfect swell when the weather is full of elemental powers such as: Horizontal blizzard and stormy seas.

As a base, it has Raw Forest Honey, LOADS of pollen, perga and propolis infused in to it. So much that it is thick and strong in flavour – often just a spoonfull is enough to boost you for the long paddle out (or get you started on those mornings, when you should have stayed on a bed.) But we don’t recommend mixing it with hot drinks as the propolis tends to get sticky with hot ceramics. A spoonfull mixed into yoghurts works like a charm – although true champs tend to enjoy this treat with a spoon, straight from a jar. But remember, double dipping is a sinn.


"Shop it through the Shop young Padawang..."

Few words of the ingredients itself:

Propolis is a sticky substance that the beegirls collect from the sap on needle leaved trees or evergreens. Propolis has more than 300 compounds, majority of these are form of polyphenols. Those are antioxidants that fight disease and damage in the body. Propolis has natural powerful antibiotic, antiviral, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties – it shouldn’t be consumed while you are on antibiotics and you shouldn’t mix it into warm/hot drinks – as it is super sticky when heated. Researchers aren’t exactly sure why, but propolis appears to provide protection from some bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is a truly amazing product which we still know so little about! And yes, that is the one that gets stuck on your teeth, but worry not – in the good old days dentists used it, actually – they still do!

Did you know you could survive with bee pollen alone? Bee pollen contains all 22 known essential nutritional elements / minerals / vitamins which human body requires – in perfect combination!! We have collected the pollen used in SUPERFOODHONEY from Creepriver Wilderness, so it packs the POWER OF THE FOREST FLOWERS. If you are allergic to pollen, consider starting easily, from a half of a teaspoon per day.

What do bees do to pollen? They transform it into perga by using royal jelly and enzymes. If you are olympic athlete most likely you know the benefits of perga already. Which are enchancing energy levels and body endurance, as well helping recovering from great exertions. Perga can be consumed to ease illnesses digestive and hepatic systems. In some countries doctors even recommend Perga for all men over 40 years old. One of the key reasons we chose to add loads of Perga in the SUPERFOOD HONEY was the fact it is used for ages in prostate issues (use a thick wetsuit in sub zero waters for hours and you worry of your prostate too.)

So where can I get it? Through the SHOP – or from Your nearest Surf Shop! (You might need to give us a hint of them first!) BUT Good fellas of 6/5/ , Unstad Arctic SurfFuru Hostel and MIN Henningsvaer are carrying it in their shelves.
PS: Dont forget to add a barfull of Arctic Surf Wax for your sticky needs.

And IF you give us a hint from a shop and it ends up as a order – we will reward you sweeetly (and stickily). Throw us your information:


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