“All that is gold does not glitter” – 🍯. 

 “If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live. Albert Einstein”

As farmers, beekeepers and Foresters we are more than obligated on looking after the environment and the food chain. Last summer we were contacted by several farmers who were eager offering different kind of “homes” for the bees to make their magic. We were more than exited as our vision of ‘Making Isokyrö Bloom’ has gathered lot of likeminded lads!

Juhana , a local farmer – was one of the ones who contacted us – he has caraway fields in Creepriver – just few “Penin kulma” away from our Forest apiaries. We wondered and studied what kind of benefits would the crop and bees have.

We found out that matter was studied rather deeply! Here in Finland, by Anna-Elina Kaarimaa, read more from her study: Effects of Pollinator Abundance and Diversity On Caraway By Anna-Elina Kaarimaa.

Spice Girl & Boys in middle of Creep Rumble River, surrounded by Persian Cumin and bees.

Now that the matter was studied by someone who has expertise, we were confident on NOT screwing up local biodiversity, and we set up two apiaries: TA-DA! We were about to witness by our own eyes that do the bees get honey from Persian Cumin. But first, did you know that 30% of persian cumin used globally comes from Finland? And thanks to our extra ordinary sunny summer nights the spice has lot of kick! 2-3 x stronger when compared to the ones farmed in Germany for example! We were set and exited!

Apiary is set and the Buzz is for real.

Spice in a jar! During our sweet research we found out that the bees did indeed pollinate the crops, a lot. And gathered honey, which is sweet with a hint of “bitterness” like from a lemon. – We dont recommend using this honey as a paired shooter with tequila though, not saying it doesnt work as it, but not recommending.


Eat the Nature – Save The Nature with responsible manouvers my Friend. The rather “supply limited batch” of Rumble River can be found from your local K-dealer or from our wild wild webshop!

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