Sweet, Honeylicious & Sticky new year ahead!

Aint no rest for the wicked! Especially no rest for the bees. As the year changed and they are hanging in their comfy wooden homes – waiting for the spring to arrive. And not causing any trouble for (with) us.  

The winter has been mild and looks like beegirls are having a blast as there are no males around in the hives during the winter. Just when the spring arrives girls decide that the males are rather useful and the queen lays egs where the drones hatch and then they start doing what males do best, hang – hang around and some other funky male stuff. Until the females realize that the males are lazy and useless and throw them away from the hives. #whoruntheworld

The year 2020 will bring NEW Sweet and Sticky products! And we are looking out for field testers around the planet earth who are willing to taste the Nature!

  • Do you love honey?
  •  Would you like to give some feedback about R&D honey/bee products we have in mind?
  •  Are you passionate and responsible surfer and willing to give some feedback on the new upcoming ecological warm- and tropical- surfwax formulas? 
  • Would you like to spread some universum saving, buzzing, sweet & sticky message around the globe?
  • Do you speak and write more clearer than our Marketing Daddie?

 If ya answered YES into some of the questions and have interest doing sweet and / or sticky things with us throw us a message into: daddies@sugardaddieshoney.com

Please tell in the message something about yourself and whether you use honey/bee products already. If you happen to shred on top of the water please tell what is your favourite surfwax and what are the temperatures like where you shred. 

Lets make honey great again!
Sugar Daddies Honey Company

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