HONEY! Athletes secret weapon!

Honey is the bodybuilders & athletes choice!

Looking to run that extra lap while carrying your wife in a military course? Going to finish some extra sets with those weights? Need some energy for that last session in the water?

(PS:Wife carrying is a traditional Finnish sport).

Well fortunately you are at the right place my friend!- HONEY is the supreme food for biohacking your performance levels!

Raw Honey is all-natural, it includes loads of pollen and is proven scientifically to work out in numerous ways boosting your performance! Much better than artificial gels!

In fact as you are interested, honey contains: Natural antioxidants, enzymes and minerals (including iron, zinc , potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium)
Vitamins: B6, thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and niacin.


Honey is one of the best (if not THE BEST) way of getting carbohydrates to fuel you up  before, during or after a workout. One of the key reasons is because it raises your blood sugar steadily and human body absorbs honey differently! 
Honey’s glycemic index is lower than regular plain old boring sugars, meaning honey doesn’t lead you into  hypoglycemia. This was studied in 2015 in Asian Journal Of Sports Medicine 


Consuming honey before workout:
Honey allows for a slow and steady release of glucose, meaning it keeps you locked & loaded, just keep on rocking those weights. Honey is a truly biohackers superfood as Human body can absorb the honey without the digestion process! Don’t believe the hype? Read it from study by Biology and Medicine: 

Lets not forget the antibacterial properties of raw honey – it’s nutrients hacks your body throughly, even keeps that nasty man flu a mile away. So keep the stoke real and get sweet & sticky.
Do you have a personal favourite honeylicious recipe when working out? Reveale your secret and we might reward you sweetly. Daddies@sugardaddieshoney.com

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