Pre Order - Running Honey - Creepriver Wilderness

Due to numerous request we have opened a PRE ORDER for Creepriver Wilderness – Running Honey.

Creepriver Wilderness is Forest Honey and offers a sweet playground for the bees to do their magic. Itis far away from civilization and only visitors to the hives are Honey Bears and occasional Daddies.

Creepriver Wilderness is one of the first apiaries where we collect the 🍯, usually around 18th – 26th of july – so the bees have plenty of time to gather winter supplies from the forests. After collecting, we spin & bottle the Nectar of Gods and if the Mother Nature is on Your side – you should recieve a shipment at early August.

Creepriver Wilderness is the purest Finnish Forest in a jar and tastes just awesome! This honey stays running for a long time and when it crystallizes – it’s texture is mindblowingly crunchy and sweet.

Main nectar sources: Bilberry, Lingonberry & occasional twist of a Fireweed.

Recommended: Everyone, this is The Holy Grail of nectars above planet Earth.


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Pre Order - Running Honey - Creepriver Wilderness

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Weight 390 g
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