Creepriver Wilderness 🏆 – Forest Honey

Creepriver Wilderness is an award winning honey – it has been chosen as one of THE BEST TASTING HONEYS in the whole freaking world!

Creepriver Wilderness is far away from civilization in the middle of nowhere. It offers amazing floral sources for the bees to do their magic. Such as blue-, lingon-, raspberries and wild rosemary!

Creepriver Wilderness is one of the first apiaries where we collect the 🍯, usually around 18th – 26th of july – so the bees have plenty of time to gather winter supplies from the forests. We dont stir of filter the honey – it is bottled right after spinning, so you can enjoy all the good stuff as fresh as possible!

Creepriver Wilderness is the purest Finnish Forest in a jar and tastes just awesome! This honey stays running for a long time and when it crystallizes – it’s texture is mindblowingly crunchy and sweet.

Main nectar sources: Bilberry, Lingonberry, Wild Rosemary & occasional twist of a Fireweed.

Recommended: Everyone, this is The Holy Grail of nectars above planet Earth.

Chosen as one of the best tasting honeys  in the world by BLACK JAR INTERNATIONAL HONEY CONTEST

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