Honey Gingerbread ice-cream

Christmas & Honey goes hand in hand – almost as well as Honey & (actually type here anything, as Honey is the ultimate thing, – ever!) This sweet ice-cream is inspired by Christmas – as the merry season is upon us!

Do you like gingerbread? If not, I’m pretty sure someone you know likes and he/she would appreciate some Honey & Gingerbread infused ice-cream, so lets get into it!

Here is what you’ll need:

5 dl heavy cream

1 jar condensated sweetened milk (397g)
1 dl light milk
0,5 dl liquid naked honey
1 tsp organic real vanilla powder
1 tsp cinnamon
100 g crushed gingerbreads (or more if you prefer so)

Whip the cream. Mix condensated sweetened milk, light milk and honey. Mix then with whipped cream. Add spices.

Choose a dish that can be put in freezer, mix the ice-cream batter every 45-60 minutes for 3-4 times. After the last mix, add gingerbread crush to the ice-cream batter. Total freezing time until ready about 5-6 hours. 

If You’re feeling lazy, you don’t necessarily have to mix the batter at all, but it won’t be as creamy and soft as it will be when mixed during the freezing process. 

Will last for a few weeks in freezer. If NOT eaten immediately… 

When it comes to ice-creams don’t believe the hype and get fooled by commercials. Honey is the real deal! Trust the sweet folks of Sugar Daddies Honey Company, we got a agenda of Saving the nature in our backend! And by eating the nature – you will save the nature too! We recommend using either the Blooming Firevillage or Mould Backwoods in your ice-cream making sessions! Both bringing their own unique flavor flav and when combined with a gingerbread this will create a mixtape so sweet & crunchy that it will make the beat drop! Special nominations for Mouldback Woods – which gets lots of its flavor from the fireweed (seen in photo – that’s what keeps its structure soft or running!)

 Enjoy! Peace! Daddies Out! And no, we weren’t able to wait for 5 hours for the ice-cream to be “ready” , an hour – we were able to resist. Hopefully the force is stronger with You!

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