The Pollinators and insects are often forgotten. Their language differs from ours – ( actually our ears are too high from the soil to hear em yelling / cursing for us anyway. ) Therefore we decided to make some noise for the sake of Pollinators!


Giving Something Back

 “Give Something Back”   

The inspiration came from a island far far away where a Bee & Honey lover Ollies Honey Company spreads “Bee Friendly Wildflover Mix” seed bags! Once we saw that we were inspired, what a buzzing and blooming idea! Thanks Ollie , again! And PS: Your Spotify Playlist are nuking!

 Now when the spring showed us some rays of vitamin D, we began buzzing around and made some calls: Happy chaps of Riistasiemen Malmgård were instantly eager to give us a hand. Together we chose large variety of different flowers which we then mixed for the needs of Garneders, Pollinators and Insects a like. Painotalo Välikangas was more than helpful sending us the packing materials, so we (our children) could pack few thousand bags full of seeds for you.
Thank you all – again! 

Flower a day keeps the Doctor away.


 Like Ancient rolemodels of ours – the POWER RANGERS – Alone we are strong – but together STRONGER!

Distribution Of Sweetness:

Numerous seasons of Narcos have teached us, the distribution chain must be well greased and trustworthy. They also should share the same spirit, responsibility and fearless stoke as the Bees! Would you fit along? Throw us a message and lets get blooming with it!! 

Simply purchase something sweet through these webshop’s and recieve something blooming as extra! For free! Aint it awesome!

Channels of Blossom:

*The most daring Distilling Company out there! Kyrö Distilling Company! 

 *Down to earth nature seekers of Vai-Ko! Who make sure your head stays warm and comfy!

*Hilarious lads of Good Guys Kombucha who takes care of your gut!

*Swell chasers of Asenne Surf who make sure you have the essentials for your next smurf expedition!

*Lovia Collection who turns trash into treasures with FULL transparency!!
( Daddies wonder is the world ready now? #joeysmanpurse never forget 4.2.1999 )

Naturally you will get seeds within your orders through our Honeylicious shop aswell! But the shop is empty – though not for long! We have a WHOLE NEW SERIE of Honeys dropping SOON! (and we just added a preorder product from the Running – Creepriver Wilderness Honey. )

Now you know where you can get your hands on to the “soon to be blooming seed bags”! So start prepping your garden! Bags of seeds will be spread in NOTIME!

And thank you: Kyrö, Good Guys, Vai-Ko & Asenne for being part of creating a BUZZ! Lets make some noise for the pollinators!!


Together with Riistasiemen we chose mixture of seeds, which give nutrition and protection for wide variety of pollinators and insects. The mixture is also a treat for your eyes! Some of the plants even help the soil and prevent “unwanted” guests into your Secret Garden: Some of the flowers can only be achievable for wild pollinators! Others are helpful just for the insects – that kind of stuff is PRETTY sweet! 

The seedbag has around 10grams of seeds in it. It is more than enough to cover 6-10 m2 area. Remember to give some space between seeds, some will become pretty large (like sunflower). We are making an Instagram videos of “Setting up your Secret Garden”, so tune in and join the crew! Now you have a few days to prep your garden, give the soil a bit power and get ready to:




Remember to tag us on Instagram & Facebook as during the summer we will reward SWEETLY best pollinator loving gardens / pots.

You might have read the quote from Albert Einstein  “If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years to live.” Whether this is true or not we can’t argue with the fact that if the bees keep dying our lives won’t stay the same. 

So we would like to ask you one thing: Even if you don’t have a garden or balcony. For the sake of pollinators – for the sake of Planet Earth, for the sake of us. Pollinators & INSECTS NEED PROTECTION so make some noise.

We also made a special Pollinator Guide, which will be only available in Finnish (sorry about that).  And will be spread among the seedbags, and downloadable below.

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