Last summer 15 000 employbees stole and occupied a whiskey barrel from Kyrö Distillery.

After solving the sweet crime, Kyrö Distillery and Sugar Daddies are now bringing  a ONE OF KIND of honeyproduct for you to be enjoyed.



 “This is a barrel nobody dared to steal again. #stinglikeabee”   

 Summer 2019 was crazy, in different kind of way. But visitors of Isokyrö were able to witness a “barrelheist”. 15 000 employbees collected sweeet honey – mostly from dandelion and whiteclover. Bees stored it into a old whiskey barrell in Kyrö Distillerys backyard. Where the honey gained character and taste during the summer. 

Whisky barrel honey

 “Visiting whiskeybarrelhive is wonderful – it is nothing but downhill afterwards!” Said our CEO Jussi P 
..Maybe he had some shady business with the bees? No wonder he didnt walk straight..”


Kyrö Distillerys whiskey has been long awaited and it is finally available in august when Kyrö Malt arrives to stores.  Till then have a spoonful of Kyrö Malt Honey! As honey consists mostly from different sugars the whiskey really comes alive in Kyrö Malt Honey. You can even have a smooth aftertaste of dandelion honey, which was one of the main nectar sources last summer in the village of Napue.



“Bottle of our Kyrö Malt Rye Whisky from cask #46 was used to finalize the Kyrö Malt Honey. Little did we know in 2.12.2014 where the whiskey ends up. “

Kyrö Malt Honey contains around 1% of alcohol which was added afterwards to finalize the experience.

Kyrö Malt Honey

Works perfectly alone, or preferably in a good company. But we recommend matching it with cheeses or in a hot toddy! Heck, we even made a recipe for you:

Honey contains natural antioxidants, enzymes and minerals so this is The  Beekeepers Flu Recipe:

1 Tablespoon of KYRÖ HONEY
2 dl Hot Water

1 Bag Herbal Tea
1 Lemon Wedge


Kyrö Distillery joined the forces of POLLINATORS in our Make It Bloom campaing. And now spreads the important message of saving the little ones – bees have a vital role in our ecosystem which is really fragile. This whiskeylicious product really ties us together and elevates the Honey and Pollinators – Honey is a multipurpose superfood and its unique characters brings up flavors in a exciting way which can be experienced in
Kyrö Malt Honey.

Get It While It Lasts
The patch is extremely limited and you can get it through Kyrö Distillerys Webshop or ours, so get sweet with it! 
And let’s see what kind of rascalsiness does the bees do this summer..

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