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Honey Gingerbread ice-cream

Gingerbread , Honey x Ice-cream

Christmas & Honey goes hand in hand – almost as well as Honey & (actually type here anything, as Honey is the ultimate thing, – ever!) This sweet ice-cream is inspired by Christmas – as the merry season is upon us!

Do you like gingerbread? If not, I’m pretty sure someone you know likes and he/she would appreciate some Honey & Gingerbread infused ice-cream, so lets get into it!

Here is what you’ll need:

5 dl heavy cream

1 jar condensated sweetened milk (397g)
1 dl light milk
0,5 dl liquid naked honey
1 tsp organic real vanilla powder
1 tsp cinnamon
100 g crushed gingerbreads (or more if you prefer so)

Whip the cream. Mix condensated sweetened milk, light milk and honey. Mix then with whipped cream. Add spices.

Choose a dish that can be put in freezer, mix the ice-cream batter every 45-60 minutes for 3-4 times. After the last mix, add gingerbread crush to the ice-cream batter. Total freezing time until ready about 5-6 hours. 

If You’re feeling lazy, you don’t necessarily have to mix the batter at all, but it won’t be as creamy and soft as it will be when mixed during the freezing process. 

Will last for a few weeks in freezer. If NOT eaten immediately… 

When it comes to ice-creams don’t believe the hype and get fooled by commercials. Honey is the real deal! Trust the sweet folks of Sugar Daddies Honey Company, we got a agenda of Saving the nature in our backend! And by eating the nature – you will save the nature too! We recommend using either the Blooming Firevillage or Mould Backwoods in your ice-cream making sessions! Both bringing their own unique flavor flav and when combined with a gingerbread this will create a mixtape so sweet & crunchy that it will make the beat drop! Special nominations for Mouldback Woods – which gets lots of its flavor from the fireweed (seen in photo – that’s what keeps its structure soft or running!)

 Enjoy! Peace! Daddies Out! And no, we weren’t able to wait for 5 hours for the ice-cream to be “ready” , an hour – we were able to resist. Hopefully the force is stronger with You!

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Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas & Honey inspired Cupcakes for the hungry ones!

Do you even need a excuse to bake when the holidays start? Well, you might. This is a simple recipe for the ones with hunger for cupcakes, it has a little twist with honey & Christmas in mind, so get that merrylicious feeling on when making em.

Here is what you’ll need:

50g  melted butter (or canola oil)
1,25 dl  milk (or oatmilk)
1 dl  liquid honey
2 eggs 
3 dl  gluten-free flour
2,5 tsp  baking powder
0,5 tsp  salt 
0,5 tsp  real organic vanilla
1 tsp cardamom
1-1,5 tsp cinnamon

mix together room temperature milk, melted butter, liquid honey and eggs. Mix flours, baking powder,spices and salt together, then sieve them to the batter in a few part. Mix until all are mixed together and the batter is smooth. 

Fill your cupcake liners up to 1/2 with batter.

Bake 175 Celsius degrees approx. 15minutes. Let cupcakes cool down then add the toppings you prefer. I used caramel flavoured buttecream this time. 


Love, Henuunen

So what Honey to use? The must have baking essential is the Blooming Firevillage. It is loaded with nectar from Phacelia tanacetifolia and therefore it is sweeeeeeet as a candy. Get it from the shop of ours and ya shall be sweetening your life sooner than ever. And now when you used dear Google to find out what was the flower we mentioned most likely you will realize that the topping in the picture below is the same color as the flower itself! Hah! Thats some serious cupcake art! Thanks again Henuunen 🙂

Shake and bake, Shake and bake BABY!

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Organic Honey available through K-Markets

Sugar Daddies raw & organic honeys the Blooming Firevillage and Mouldbackwoods can now be found throughout Finland at your nearest K-Market! Support your local grocery store and go get some of nature’s sweetest. The bees and daddies humbly salute you! Few K stores are LOADED with sweetness! For example the K Supermarket RED which is LOADED with Honey! Carrying all four different Single Origin Honeys! My favourite is the Creepriver Wilderness – what is yours?

Blooming Firevillagen ja Mouldbackwoodsin Luomuhunajat löytyvät nyt lähimmältä K-kauppiaaltasi! Suosi suomalaista ja hae purkillinen raakaa luontoa! Mehiläiset ja daddyt kiittävät mitä nöyrimmin!

Muutamaan lokaatioon on myös eksynyt kokonainen HYLLYLLINEN makeutta! Esimerkkinä REDin K Supermarketista löytyy valikoimista kaikki neljä eri Isonkyrön alue hunajaa! Käyhän testaamassa luontosi ja löydä lempparisi! (Allekirjoittaneella se on järkkyhyvä Creepriver Wilderness!)

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Honey crunch granola

This is what you need:

1dl canola oil
1dl honey (Blooming Firevillage is perfect!)
3 teaspoon cardamom
3 teaspoon cinnamon
8dl oatmeal (the bigger the flakes the better)
2dl kibbled broad bean mix (Verso)
2dl sunflower seeds
1/2dl crushed linseed
1/2dl sesame seeds

If you want, you can add dried cranberries, raisins or other dried berries and fruits. You can change the seeds for the ones you prefer or replace them with nuts. Soooo many possibilities here! You can also make only one half, or double the ingredients, this will last for many weeks.

Pssst! I always add some extra cardamom because I love it!

This is what you do:

Measure the oil and spices to your pot and start heating them. Add honey and stir until the honey has melted and got mixed with others. Add everything else and blend with ladle until everything is mixed together. Then take two oven sheets, put baking paper on them and divide the granola to them. Roast for 15-20 minutes in 175 decrees, until it has become golden brown and let it cool down.

Now you can add dried fruits or berries if you want. Store in room temperature in an air-proof box or container.

This granola is best enjoyed with Turkish yoghurt, fresh berries and honey of course!

Hope you love it like I do!

Love ❤️,


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Gluten free honey waffles

Here is what you need:

100g real butter (or canola oil, if you don’t like butter)
4 dl milk/oatmilk
2 eggs
1-2 tablespoon of Naked Honey
2,5 dl gluten-free flour
1 dl powdered oatmeal
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon organic real vanilla/vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon salt

This is what you do: 

Melt the butter. Add milk, liquid honey and everything else. Mix the batter until smooth. Let it set for 10 minutes. Grill with butter. Enjoy right away with blueberries and honey!

From this batter you’ll make six to seven waffles, so I suggest to make this double if you want to have two for yourself, these disappear faster than you can imagine!

And one more hint: add 1 teaspoon cardamom for those special days to get some extra twist, you’re going to love it!

By the way, these are super good also with salty side dishes!

Love ❤️,