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Save The Dandelion’s

Unleash the Beauty Of Dandelions - A Sugardaddy's Guide to Supporting Pollinators and Rocking the Ecosystem!

Welcome, to a whole new level of seduction in the garden! We’re here to uncover the sassy secrets of dandelions – those rebellious, wild-at-heart blooms that make our ecosystem go gaga. Forget about those garden snobs turning their noses up at dandelions growing wildly in your grass – my sugardaddies and sugarmamas. These feisty flowers are essential to our pollinator pals and bring a whole lotta sexy to the scene. So loosen up, hang your weeding tools, and get ready to watch as those pollinators work their tiny bums off while keeping our ecosystem smokin’ hot!

Dandelions – The Buzzworthy Sirens

Early birds of seduction: Picture this, darlings – dandelions are the first-class providers of pollen and nectar for our bee beauties. When spring is in the air and the food supply is scarce, these sassy sirens offer a sweet oasis for our beloved pollinators.

Fueling passion and survival: Our busy bee friends need the energy and nutrients from dandelions to keep their hives rockin’ and their honey sweet. It’s like their own little sugar paradise, darlings!

The seductive menu: Dandelions are like a buffet of love for a variety of pollinators – butterflies, beetles, hoverflies, you name it. By having these flirtatious flowers in our grass, we guarantee a diverse and vibrant ecosystem that’s hotter than a summer romance.

Eco-Garden Seduction Tips

Slay the herbicide game: Leave those toxic potions behind, my sugardaddies and sugarmamas. Say no to herbicides and let these wild wonders thrive without interference in your & spread into neighbours yard.

Beauty with a sense of humor: It’s time to appreciate the cheeky beauty of dandelions. Their bright yellow blossoms add a pop of sass to our gardens, turning heads and making even the fanciest rose blush. Who needs a dozen roses when you’ve got a yardfull of dandelions to woo your pollinator friends?
By providing a variety of tempting options, we ensure our pollinators have a hoppin’ social scene that keeps their hearts fluttering and our garden full of life.

In the sultry dance of nature, dandelions are the ultimate sugar daddies, bringing passion, diversity, and wild charm to our ecosystem. It’s time to embrace their unapologetic beauty and sprinkle our gardens with their seductive presence. By ditching the pesticides, weeding tools and welcoming these daring darlings, we create a thriving ecosystem in our garden.

Together lets make a sweet stand for Saving The Dandelion’s & Pollinators. Sincerely yours: Sugar Daddies Honey Company


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Propolis Tincture – Natures Remedy

Buzz on over to the world of bees  and let this ancient remedy glue its way into your health routine!

But first, let’s get to know our little friend, the bee. Did you know that bees have five eyes? That’s right, five eyes to help them navigate their busy lives and collect that sticky propolis. And speaking of stickiness, did you know that bees can fly up to 15 miles per hour with their leg pouches filled with propolis? Talk about a buzzin’ workout!

Now, let’s talk about propolis. This sticky substance is created by bees and used to seal gaps in their hives. But don’t let its humble beginnings fool you, propolis packs a powerful punch when it comes to health benefits. 

Bees add their own secret mix of ingredients into propolis to give it even more health benefits. This mix includes enzymes, beeswax, and other substances that the bees produce themselves. To be honest – scientist are struggling to understand it.

But why is propolis so healthy? Well, it has been shown to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting properties. It has been used to treat wounds, boost the immune system, and even combat the common cold. Plus, propolis is a natural source of vitamins and minerals, making it a buzz-worthy addition to your health routine.

  • Here are some suggestions from Daddies:

    1. Take a few drops orally to support immune function and combat colds and flu.

    2. Dilute a few drops in water or and gargle as a mouthwash to support oral health.

    3. Apply topically to wounds to promote healing and reduce inflammation.

    4. Use as a natural alternative to hand sanitizer to kill germs and protect against illness.

    5. Apply to skin irritations, such as rashes or insect bites, to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

    6. Dilute a few drops in a carrier oil and use as a natural, anti-inflammatory muscle rub.

    7. Add a few drops to your moisturizer or facial toner to support healthy, glowing skin. (One of our favorite TBH).

    8. Add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner to support healthy, vibrant hair.  (Ping Daddie Ville).

So next time you use propolis, just think of those hardworking bees, mixing in their own secret ingredients to bring you this powerful ancient remedy. Talk about a hive of health benefits!

But where can you find this ancient remedy in its purest form? Look no further than Finland, where the clean nature provides the perfect environment for bees to create high-quality propolis.

Our propolis tincture has been dissolving in locally sourced rye-ethanol for six months before bottling. Ensuring that the Bee Spirit packs some serious kick-cold-in-the-ass power!

Propolis is a sticky substance that the beegirls collect from the sap on needle leaved trees or evergreens. Propolis has more than 300 compounds, majority of these are form of polyphenols. Those are antioxidants that fight disease and damage in the body. Propolis has natural powerful antibiotic, antiviral, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties – it shouldn’t be consumed while you are on antibiotics and you shouldn’t mix it into warm/hot drinks – as it is super sticky when heated. Researchers aren’t exactly sure why, but propolis appears to provide protection from some bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is a truly amazing product which we still know so little about! And yes, that is the one that gets stuck on your teeth, but worry not – in the good old days dentists used it, actually – they still do!

Shop it till you drop it:

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SUpeRFood Honey! Inspired by Arctic Surfers.

Superfood Honey is the wildcard in our sleeves! It is a mixture of awesomeness and true power of the Bees!

 SUpeRFood Honey is inspired by Arctic Surfers, who end up chasing the perfect swell when the weather is full of elemental powers such as: Horizontal blizzard and stormy seas.

As a base, it has Raw Forest Honey, LOADS of pollen, perga and propolis infused in to it. So much that it is thick and strong in flavour – often just a spoonfull is enough to boost you for the long paddle out (or get you started on those mornings, when you should have stayed on a bed.) But we don’t recommend mixing it with hot drinks as the propolis tends to get sticky with hot ceramics. A spoonfull mixed into yoghurts works like a charm – although true champs tend to enjoy this treat with a spoon, straight from a jar. But remember, double dipping is a sinn.


"Shop it through the Shop young Padawang..."

Few words of the ingredients itself:

Propolis is a sticky substance that the beegirls collect from the sap on needle leaved trees or evergreens. Propolis has more than 300 compounds, majority of these are form of polyphenols. Those are antioxidants that fight disease and damage in the body. Propolis has natural powerful antibiotic, antiviral, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties – it shouldn’t be consumed while you are on antibiotics and you shouldn’t mix it into warm/hot drinks – as it is super sticky when heated. Researchers aren’t exactly sure why, but propolis appears to provide protection from some bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is a truly amazing product which we still know so little about! And yes, that is the one that gets stuck on your teeth, but worry not – in the good old days dentists used it, actually – they still do!

Did you know you could survive with bee pollen alone? Bee pollen contains all 22 known essential nutritional elements / minerals / vitamins which human body requires – in perfect combination!! We have collected the pollen used in SUPERFOODHONEY from Creepriver Wilderness, so it packs the POWER OF THE FOREST FLOWERS. If you are allergic to pollen, consider starting easily, from a half of a teaspoon per day.

What do bees do to pollen? They transform it into perga by using royal jelly and enzymes. If you are olympic athlete most likely you know the benefits of perga already. Which are enchancing energy levels and body endurance, as well helping recovering from great exertions. Perga can be consumed to ease illnesses digestive and hepatic systems. In some countries doctors even recommend Perga for all men over 40 years old. One of the key reasons we chose to add loads of Perga in the SUPERFOOD HONEY was the fact it is used for ages in prostate issues (use a thick wetsuit in sub zero waters for hours and you worry of your prostate too.)

So where can I get it? Through the SHOP – or from Your nearest Surf Shop! (You might need to give us a hint of them first!) BUT Good fellas of 6/5/ , Unstad Arctic SurfFuru Hostel and MIN Henningsvaer are carrying it in their shelves.
PS: Dont forget to add a barfull of Arctic Surf Wax for your sticky needs.

And IF you give us a hint from a shop and it ends up as a order – we will reward you sweeetly (and stickily). Throw us your information:

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“All that is gold does not glitter” – 🍯. 

 “If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live. Albert Einstein”

As farmers, beekeepers and Foresters we are more than obligated on looking after the environment and the food chain. Last summer we were contacted by several farmers who were eager offering different kind of “homes” for the bees to make their magic. We were more than exited as our vision of ‘Making Isokyrö Bloom’ has gathered lot of likeminded lads!

Juhana , a local farmer – was one of the ones who contacted us – he has caraway fields in Creepriver – just few “Penin kulma” away from our Forest apiaries. We wondered and studied what kind of benefits would the crop and bees have.

We found out that matter was studied rather deeply! Here in Finland, by Anna-Elina Kaarimaa, read more from her study: Effects of Pollinator Abundance and Diversity On Caraway By Anna-Elina Kaarimaa.

Spice Girl & Boys in middle of Creep Rumble River, surrounded by Persian Cumin and bees.

Now that the matter was studied by someone who has expertise, we were confident on NOT screwing up local biodiversity, and we set up two apiaries: TA-DA! We were about to witness by our own eyes that do the bees get honey from Persian Cumin. But first, did you know that 30% of persian cumin used globally comes from Finland? And thanks to our extra ordinary sunny summer nights the spice has lot of kick! 2-3 x stronger when compared to the ones farmed in Germany for example! We were set and exited!

Apiary is set and the Buzz is for real.

Spice in a jar! During our sweet research we found out that the bees did indeed pollinate the crops, a lot. And gathered honey, which is sweet with a hint of “bitterness” like from a lemon. – We dont recommend using this honey as a paired shooter with tequila though, not saying it doesnt work as it, but not recommending.


Eat the Nature – Save The Nature with responsible manouvers my Friend. The rather “supply limited batch” of Rumble River can be found from your local K-dealer or from our wild wild webshop!

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Honey, OH Honey! Due to its UNIQUE properties it brings the taste thoroughly for our senses to be enjoyed!  Combine Organic Raw Forest Honey with handpicked and Extreme Freeze Dried Botanicals and you will get something truly special to suit your needs of sweetness!

We started the sweet revolution with Spruce Sprouts and Bilberries. Both having their unique properties and taste when combined with Forest Honey! Spruce Sprouts are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, while bilberries.. – well they have been used for ages in traditional medicinal purposes!

Combine either of these treats with anything that needs sweetening and flavouring up!
Spruce Sprout x Honey goes well for example with desserts! Or spice up your sports drink with it to hike the extra mile without blinking.
Bilberries x Honey – spice up your spoon with it and enjoy, it is a treat that takes away your blues 💙







Spruce Sprout x Honey

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We opened reservations into a new GANG x KIMPPA apiary for 2021!

Thanks to numerous sweet people we were able to establish a new apiary into Stallion Mountains. 
Unfortunately the Honey will only be available for the Establishers who made it possible, so congrats for getting some WORLD CLASS HONEY! (Creepriver Wilderness was chosen as one of the best tasting honeys in the whole world so I presume we could say that Isokyrö’s Forest Honey is rather EPIC?!) The shipment should arrive into your doorsteps soonish!

Didn’t make in time? Worry not, you can make a smart move and become a Establisher for next year by purchasing a part of a Gang Hive through our shop.
And yes – part of a 🐝 hive is a perfect gift. At the end of next summer Establisher will recieve 6 x 390gr of Organic Raw 🍯!



 “BUZZ is for real at Stallion Mountains – #stinglikeabee”   


 “Strange flower in the Stallion Mountains and a bee, doing what a bee does”


“Lingonberry – one of the main nectar sources. Thanks to it the colour of the Honey is reddish and has a berry like taste. “




As the Gangbuzz x Kimppapesä 2020 was a success we have decided to continue it. We have found a new area where pollinators could make their magic:


An area which offers the purest H2O for people around in the Osthrobothnia!

Limited availiability
We can guarantee a spot only for limited amount of Establishers, so join us for a SWEET RIDE and help us spread the BUZZ.

Order your GangBuzz x Kimppapesä 2021 from our shop.

For now, we can only estimate the taste and main nectar sources, but according to our field trips:
Loads of Lingonberries & a bit of Fireweed. May the sweetness be with you!

“Lets make HONEY great again.”

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Last summer 15 000 employbees stole and occupied a whiskey barrel from Kyrö Distillery.

After solving the sweet crime, Kyrö Distillery and Sugar Daddies are now bringing  a ONE OF KIND of honeyproduct for you to be enjoyed.



 “This is a barrel nobody dared to steal again. #stinglikeabee”   

 Summer 2019 was crazy, in different kind of way. But visitors of Isokyrö were able to witness a “barrelheist”. 15 000 employbees collected sweeet honey – mostly from dandelion and whiteclover. Bees stored it into a old whiskey barrell in Kyrö Distillerys backyard. Where the honey gained character and taste during the summer. 

Whisky barrel honey

 “Visiting whiskeybarrelhive is wonderful – it is nothing but downhill afterwards!” Said our CEO Jussi P 
..Maybe he had some shady business with the bees? No wonder he didnt walk straight..”


Kyrö Distillerys whiskey has been long awaited and it is finally available in august when Kyrö Malt arrives to stores.  Till then have a spoonful of Kyrö Malt Honey! As honey consists mostly from different sugars the whiskey really comes alive in Kyrö Malt Honey. You can even have a smooth aftertaste of dandelion honey, which was one of the main nectar sources last summer in the village of Napue.



“Bottle of our Kyrö Malt Rye Whisky from cask #46 was used to finalize the Kyrö Malt Honey. Little did we know in 2.12.2014 where the whiskey ends up. “

Kyrö Malt Honey contains around 1% of alcohol which was added afterwards to finalize the experience.

Kyrö Malt Honey

Works perfectly alone, or preferably in a good company. But we recommend matching it with cheeses or in a hot toddy! Heck, we even made a recipe for you:

Honey contains natural antioxidants, enzymes and minerals so this is The  Beekeepers Flu Recipe:

1 Tablespoon of KYRÖ HONEY
2 dl Hot Water

1 Bag Herbal Tea
1 Lemon Wedge


Kyrö Distillery joined the forces of POLLINATORS in our Make It Bloom campaing. And now spreads the important message of saving the little ones – bees have a vital role in our ecosystem which is really fragile. This whiskeylicious product really ties us together and elevates the Honey and Pollinators – Honey is a multipurpose superfood and its unique characters brings up flavors in a exciting way which can be experienced in
Kyrö Malt Honey.

Get It While It Lasts
The patch is extremely limited and you can get it through Kyrö Distillerys Webshop or ours, so get sweet with it! 
And let’s see what kind of rascalsiness does the bees do this summer..

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The Pollinators and insects are often forgotten. Their language differs from ours – ( actually our ears are too high from the soil to hear em yelling / cursing for us anyway. ) Therefore we decided to make some noise for the sake of Pollinators!


Giving Something Back

 “Give Something Back”   

The inspiration came from a island far far away where a Bee & Honey lover Ollies Honey Company spreads “Bee Friendly Wildflover Mix” seed bags! Once we saw that we were inspired, what a buzzing and blooming idea! Thanks Ollie , again! And PS: Your Spotify Playlist are nuking!

 Now when the spring showed us some rays of vitamin D, we began buzzing around and made some calls: Happy chaps of Riistasiemen Malmgård were instantly eager to give us a hand. Together we chose large variety of different flowers which we then mixed for the needs of Garneders, Pollinators and Insects a like. Painotalo Välikangas was more than helpful sending us the packing materials, so we (our children) could pack few thousand bags full of seeds for you.
Thank you all – again! 

Flower a day keeps the Doctor away.


 Like Ancient rolemodels of ours – the POWER RANGERS – Alone we are strong – but together STRONGER!

Distribution Of Sweetness:

Numerous seasons of Narcos have teached us, the distribution chain must be well greased and trustworthy. They also should share the same spirit, responsibility and fearless stoke as the Bees! Would you fit along? Throw us a message and lets get blooming with it!! 

Simply purchase something sweet through these webshop’s and recieve something blooming as extra! For free! Aint it awesome!

Channels of Blossom:

*The most daring Distilling Company out there! Kyrö Distilling Company! 

 *Down to earth nature seekers of Vai-Ko! Who make sure your head stays warm and comfy!

*Hilarious lads of Good Guys Kombucha who takes care of your gut!

*Swell chasers of Asenne Surf who make sure you have the essentials for your next smurf expedition!

*Lovia Collection who turns trash into treasures with FULL transparency!!
( Daddies wonder is the world ready now? #joeysmanpurse never forget 4.2.1999 )

Naturally you will get seeds within your orders through our Honeylicious shop aswell! But the shop is empty – though not for long! We have a WHOLE NEW SERIE of Honeys dropping SOON! (and we just added a preorder product from the Running – Creepriver Wilderness Honey. )

Now you know where you can get your hands on to the “soon to be blooming seed bags”! So start prepping your garden! Bags of seeds will be spread in NOTIME!

And thank you: Kyrö, Good Guys, Vai-Ko & Asenne for being part of creating a BUZZ! Lets make some noise for the pollinators!!


Together with Riistasiemen we chose mixture of seeds, which give nutrition and protection for wide variety of pollinators and insects. The mixture is also a treat for your eyes! Some of the plants even help the soil and prevent “unwanted” guests into your Secret Garden: Some of the flowers can only be achievable for wild pollinators! Others are helpful just for the insects – that kind of stuff is PRETTY sweet! 

The seedbag has around 10grams of seeds in it. It is more than enough to cover 6-10 m2 area. Remember to give some space between seeds, some will become pretty large (like sunflower). We are making an Instagram videos of “Setting up your Secret Garden”, so tune in and join the crew! Now you have a few days to prep your garden, give the soil a bit power and get ready to:




Remember to tag us on Instagram & Facebook as during the summer we will reward SWEETLY best pollinator loving gardens / pots.

You might have read the quote from Albert Einstein  “If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years to live.” Whether this is true or not we can’t argue with the fact that if the bees keep dying our lives won’t stay the same. 

So we would like to ask you one thing: Even if you don’t have a garden or balcony. For the sake of pollinators – for the sake of Planet Earth, for the sake of us. Pollinators & INSECTS NEED PROTECTION so make some noise.

We also made a special Pollinator Guide, which will be only available in Finnish (sorry about that).  And will be spread among the seedbags, and downloadable below.

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HONEY! Athletes secret weapon!

Honey is the bodybuilders & athletes choice!

Looking to run that extra lap while carrying your wife in a military course? Going to finish some extra sets with those weights? Need some energy for that last session in the water?

(PS:Wife carrying is a traditional Finnish sport).

Well fortunately you are at the right place my friend!- HONEY is the supreme food for biohacking your performance levels!

Raw Honey is all-natural, it includes loads of pollen and is proven scientifically to work out in numerous ways boosting your performance! Much better than artificial gels!

In fact as you are interested, honey contains: Natural antioxidants, enzymes and minerals (including iron, zinc , potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium)
Vitamins: B6, thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and niacin.


Honey is one of the best (if not THE BEST) way of getting carbohydrates to fuel you up  before, during or after a workout. One of the key reasons is because it raises your blood sugar steadily and human body absorbs honey differently! 
Honey’s glycemic index is lower than regular plain old boring sugars, meaning honey doesn’t lead you into  hypoglycemia. This was studied in 2015 in Asian Journal Of Sports Medicine 


Consuming honey before workout:
Honey allows for a slow and steady release of glucose, meaning it keeps you locked & loaded, just keep on rocking those weights. Honey is a truly biohackers superfood as Human body can absorb the honey without the digestion process! Don’t believe the hype? Read it from study by Biology and Medicine: 

Lets not forget the antibacterial properties of raw honey – it’s nutrients hacks your body throughly, even keeps that nasty man flu a mile away. So keep the stoke real and get sweet & sticky.
Do you have a personal favourite honeylicious recipe when working out? Reveale your secret and we might reward you sweetly.
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Sweet, Honeylicious & Sticky new year ahead!

Aint no rest for the wicked! Especially no rest for the bees. As the year changed and they are hanging in their comfy wooden homes – waiting for the spring to arrive. And not causing any trouble for (with) us.  

The winter has been mild and looks like beegirls are having a blast as there are no males around in the hives during the winter. Just when the spring arrives girls decide that the males are rather useful and the queen lays egs where the drones hatch and then they start doing what males do best, hang – hang around and some other funky male stuff. Until the females realize that the males are lazy and useless and throw them away from the hives. #whoruntheworld

The year 2020 will bring NEW Sweet and Sticky products! And we are looking out for field testers around the planet earth who are willing to taste the Nature!

  • Do you love honey?
  •  Would you like to give some feedback about R&D honey/bee products we have in mind?
  •  Are you passionate and responsible surfer and willing to give some feedback on the new upcoming ecological warm- and tropical- surfwax formulas? 
  • Would you like to spread some universum saving, buzzing, sweet & sticky message around the globe?
  • Do you speak and write more clearer than our Marketing Daddie?

 If ya answered YES into some of the questions and have interest doing sweet and / or sticky things with us throw us a message into:

Please tell in the message something about yourself and whether you use honey/bee products already. If you happen to shred on top of the water please tell what is your favourite surfwax and what are the temperatures like where you shred. 

Lets make honey great again!
Sugar Daddies Honey Company